1st Priority Maintenance Agreement

  • Exclusive Priority Service: As a member of our 1st Priority Service program you will receive 24hr / 7 days a week emergency availability. Since our Emergency services are ONLY for 1st Priority clients, it allows us to provide top of the line customer service and availability.
  • No Emergency Fees: No matter the time or the day, YOU DON’T PAY! 24 hours a day 7 days a week - all dispatch, diagnosis & trip fees are waived.
  • No Waiting Around: We guarantee that we will be on site within 3 hours! No other maintenance/service plan offers this quick of turnaround time.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We promise your complete satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with our performance and quality, let us know and we will make it right.
  • Discounts: You will receive a 20% discount off any Heating and Air Conditioner repair or replacement. That is a HUGE Savings!!!
  • Transferable: Your 1st Priority Maintenance Contract is fully transferable to the buyer of your home - - - or to the new home you are buying!
  • High Performance Tune-Ups: Recommended by manufacturers and utility companies, regularly scheduled maintenance can reduce breakdowns by as much as 93% and lower utility bills by 30%. We perform these tune ups twice a year for FREE!
  • We Call You: No more signing up for plans you forget you have! We will call YOU to remind and schedule your seasonal maintenance checks.

1st Priority Membership Action Points

✓ Check Gas Pressure

✓ Check Heat Elements

✓ Check Static Pressure

✓ Check Reversing Valve Operation

✓ Check Frost Control

✓ Check Ignition System

✓ Check Gas Valve

✓ Check for Gas Leaks

✓ Check Furnace Safety Systems

✓ Check Fan Controls & Speed

✓ Clean A/C & Furnace Cabinet

✓ Check Cycle of Operation

✓ Check Evaporator Coil (when accessible)

✓ Check Breaker & SSU

✓ Check Thermostat

✓ Check Temp Rise & Fall

✓ Inspect Heat Exchangers

✓ Clean Outside Condenser

✓ Check Airflow

✓ Check all Electrical Connections

✓ Check Amp & Volt Draw

✓ Check Refrigerant Levels

✓ Lubricate Moving Parts

✓ Check Condensate Drain

✓ Check All Capacitors

✓ Look for Leaks in Refrigerant

✓ Check Compressor Terminals

✓ Check Disconnect Fuse

1 Year Membership: $198.00

2 Year Membership: $396.00

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